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Daily Energy Multiple VitaminTM is a complete multi-vitamin and mineral complex. It contains superior quality coenzyme forms of B vitamins that your body can readily use for energy and stress tolerance.* Experience the difference a true quality multiple vitamin can make for you!Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin sets a new standard for quality in multiple vitamins. It is the first multivitamin designed specifically to maximize energy production. It contains the finest-quality coenzyme B vitamins and special protein-mineral complexes. The nutrients in Daily Energy Multiple Vitamins are enhanced for GI tract absorption and optimum cellular uptake, helping to deliver important energy sustaining nutrients precisely where they need to go. This is a quality difference you can feel!*B vitamins are essential for energy production and the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates, and protein.* We use forms of B vitamins, called coenzyme B vitamins, that are readily available for energy production.Two capsules of Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin contain 533 mcg of the coenzyme forms of B12 (methylcobalamin and andenosylcobalamin) and 533 mcg of folate from co-enzyme Quatrefolic®. These are beneficial amounts of true quality nutrients, providing support for nerves, red blood cells, mood, and stress.* Most companies use miniscule amounts of B12 (20-40 mcg) in their multiple vitamins and use the cheap form, cyanocobalamin, which produces a molecule of cyanide as it is metabolized, causing your body to expend energy clearing this toxin.*Thyroid hormone tells the DNA of cells to make energy to sustain basal metabolic rate, setting the pace for energy production in the body. Vitamin B12 and folic acid are especially important for the enzymes that make thyroid hormone.* A lack of B12 (along with poor mood) is commonly found in those struggling with thyroid function.*

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