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Andrew Lessman’s Lysine-400 is a pure, natural source of the essential amino acid L-Lysine. Lysine has become a very popular supplement, because of its role in supporting the immune system, as well as its central role in fat burning and energy metabolism. Lysine is one of nine amino acids referred to as “essential” because it cannot be produced by the body. Lysine is vital for the growth and development of body tissues and also plays a critical role in the body’s production of energy, since it is a precursor to acetyl CoA, a critical component of all energy metabolism. Additionally, Lysine is also a precursor to Carnitine, which is essential for all fat metabolism. Lysine also plays an important structural role in the formation of collagen, a vital component of healthy skin, bones, joints and connective tissue (tendons, ligaments and cartilage). Lysine also plays a role in helping the body manage Calcium. In short, Lysine plays a multitude of critical roles in the most vital systems in our body.

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